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Notes for John

10/09/22 - Migrated server to Shock Hosting
                   They allow upto 1000 emails an hour but started with 500 initially
21/09/22 - Fixed issue with long text for gallery titles in gallery.php - buttons now adjust to required height automatically
                   Fixed some errors with non-quoted array index names in gallery.php
06/10/22 - Made preview and dev subdomains use ssl in .htaccess - live already was using https
                   Shock Hosing server doesn't set $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] so switched to $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']
                   This allowed the DOMAIN auto detection to work correctly in db.php
                   Fixed more errors with non-quoted array index names in publish.php and fixed publish to dev issue
                   Updated ckeditor to v4.20.0
                   Upped phpLists max emails to 999 per hour & 2 a second so should now complete in under 30mins
09/10/22 - Upgraded phpList to v3.6.8 on lindfield.co.uk domain
27/11/22 - Changed ‘Charity’ to ‘Fund Raising’ and under 'Sport' removed the sub tabs Darts and Golf
24/12/22 - Added bill as a pre.lindfield.club user due to sudden death of Andrew Mcloud bill / $Saturday24