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Notes for John

14/12/16 - Don't forget to update Dev domain from Preview now that the [object Object] error has been fixed
15/12/16 - Dev updated from Preview
                  Update CKEditor and Elfinder in Dev

23/09/18 - Host services transferred from phurix.com to FastComet.com due to very poor support from phurix
                   This included upgrading from php5.6 to php7 which mainly meant using switching from mySql to mySqli calls
14/10/18 - The host default PHP version downgraded to 5.5 as seeboard3c.co.uk required that version (or older)
                   No code changes were required to though.
09/09/19 - Made publish.php add a space to mobile serviceworker file to force a reload on the mobile app
26/09/21 - Found the original graphics for the club name on Teen's mini rules book so I scanned it in and cleaned it up
                   with Inkscape and published it to live & preview.
20/01/22 - Problems with phpList campaigns stalling seem to have been resolved by using php74 in CRON jobs
                   Now uses table offsetHeight to position footer